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Jane Austen does an excellent job at portraying the realness of the characters in her novel. (Blog #1) March

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This is a picture of the main character, Catherine Morland, from the movie version of Jane Austen's, Northanger Abbey.Book cover of the novel I am reading, Northanger Abbey.

I am part way through Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I feel the main reason for this is because of Jane Austen’s ability to make the characters seem so real and so believable.

Jane Austen begins by introducing the main character Catherine Morland, and gives a detailed description of her life thus far. She mentions Catherine’s family, Catherine’s interests, and the fact that “for many years of her life, [Catherine was] as plain as any” (pg. 357). As the novel progresses, Catherine’s life progresses, and the reader is informed that Catherine is “in training for a heroine…” (pg. 358). However, a dilemma occurs. A heroine can only be a heroine if she has a hero. So, Catherine travels to Bath, in hopes to find her hero. Catherine finds a young man, Mr. Tilney, whom she is interested in. However, her meetings with him are constantly interrupted as her brother’s friend, John Thorpe, has great interest in her, but she has no interest in him. James becomes a nuisance as he insists on being around Catherine at all times, and never allows Mr. Tilney, or anyone else to have contact with her.

I think the main character Catherine is extremely believable. The emotions she must deal with daily are very similar to the emotions that the reader would also face. Jane Austen makes it easy to relate to Catherine. The reader feels the frustration Catherine is feeling. You want to scream at John – who is always following her, and tell him to leaver her alone. You become anxious when Catherine misses another opportunity to possilby spend time with Mr. Tilney, who could be the hero she is looking for. You want to laugh because the whole situation seems like a comedy, where everybody misses the right opportunity. The connections Jane Austen has made with her characters early on, compel the read to find out what the outcome will be. I can’t wait!